Prepare to be scared at Livingston’s haunted attraction

Samantha Hill

There will be no peeled grape “eyeballs” or spaghetti “worms” at Livingston’s upcoming haunted attraction, which will feature real bones and creepy characters, opening Friday the 13th.

These popular Halloween attractions will have no place in this spooky Halloween experience in the basement at Bob N Lu’s Thrift — which is soon changing its name to Thrift Weis — where a team will have a full length haunted house for the month of October.

The haunted house is created from the mind of Nico Holthaus, who has put together several of them throughout the country and is a seasoned veteran of spooky experiences.  Holthaus said he has for a while been interested in creating a haunted house in Livingston.

He cannot completely reveal the entire haunted event but it is very intense and will include olfactory elements, Holthaus said.

“I really try to hit people in all of the senses,” he said.

He said when he has done these haunted houses in the past, he’s tried to incorporate elements from the town’s history. This means there will be mining and soldiers for the local event, he said.

The basement creepshow will also feature some classic scares such as complete darkness and clowns.

As a professional, Holthaus said he tries to tailor the experience based on someone’s tolerance levels and individuals will have an option to leave if they get too freaked out.

“If I see a group of 8-year-olds, I will try to tell the actors to tone it down or maybe turn the light up a little,” he said.

Holthaus said many nonprofits have helped donate lumber and set pieces. However, he still needs help with finishing touches as well as a few more actors to volunteer.

Snyone looking to assist in the freaky attraction may call Bob N Lu’s at 222-9225 or visit its downtown location.  

Starting Friday, Oct. 13, the scary basement will be open from 6 to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. It will also be open 5 p.m. to midnight Halloween evening.

The attraction will benefit a good cause, with some of the proceeds going to ASPEN.

The cost is $5 for children 18 and younger and $8 for adults.