Please slow down in construction zones

Monday, July 11, 2022


The people of South 6th, South 7th, W. Callender, W. Lewis, W. Clark and W. Geyser have been in a construction zone since mid-May — and this will continue through July and probably August.

The zones are well marked as closures and detours. Those of us who reside here, have lived with this inconvenience without one complaint that I know of. All the neighbors are compliant with moving vehicles as requested. The congestion in these areas is not only inconvenient, but very dusty and crowded with all kinds of cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, boats, etc., moving onto Callender, Lewis, Clark and Geyser. Motorists blast through these zones without regard for those of us who are enduring this to the best of our ability. We all must leave our homes earlier to scope out the latest roadblocks, and to get to where we are going. It is hard to see around vehicles while pulling out of alleys. We have seen one car in particular speed through without slowing down at all, creating huge clouds of dust to add to already huge clouds of dust. We have seen one professional truck do the same, without regard for anyone else. Blatant disregard for construction workers is hazardous to all of us. There are people of all ages, pets, the workers, all kinds of huge equipment, and piles of dirt and gravel all over this area. Residents cannot park in front of their own homes. The whole area is dirty and full of confusion. People who drive through here only make it worse. Please, folks, have some courtesy and compassion for those of us who live here. Please slow down, or avoid the area all together.

A huge thank you to the construction companies and the folks who work for them. These people commute here each Monday morning, and commute back to their homes around noon on Fridays. They have no time with their families except for on the weekends and holidays. They work 12 hour days except for Fridays. They are all courteous, kind, helpful, enjoyable and friendly. They never complain, never use foul language, or get angry. They are level-headed, they work together in perfect synchronization, and it is fascinating to watch them.

Again, folks, please be courteous and stop speeding through the construction zones. It may be inconvenient for you, but it’s more inconvenient for those of us who live here. Please slow down. You might have to live through this some day!

Lee Parriott Livingston



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