Please do your part to combat climate change by recycling

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Climate Change or Global Warming or whatever one wishes to call it is taking up more and more space in our news media. 

There is little disagreement that climate change is occurring; however, the problem is not that the climate is changing or warming. The climate has always changed, but now it is changing much more rapidly than it has in the past. It appears that our actions are one of the main causes for the rapid change.

We may not be around to see the full impact of our effects on rapid climate change, but, they already are occurring and are having a major impact on our planet. Most of us have children and grandchildren who will suffer from the full devastating, withering effects.

Each one of us can play a role in helping slowdown rapid climate change by recycling of newspapers, cardboard, metal and plastic. 

Our city is encouraging recycling by providing recycle bins. It is true that some of these items are not getting the full recycling attention they should, however, every little bit helps. It will take effort from everyone to slow global warming which is causing havoc all over our planet. Please do your part by recycling

William C. Edwards