From pepperoni to crab rangoon: Pizza restaurant comes to Clyde Park

Samantha Hill

The small town of Clyde Park now has its own pizza restaurant.

In a place where Rosa’s and Pizza Hut is many miles away, co-owners of Sunnyside Pizza Amy Hukill and Christopher Stone opened their own business offering anywhere from cheese and pepperoni pizzas to some more out-of-the ordinary flavors.

Hukill said she started the business, which opened in January, because not only is the area in need of some more restaurants but she has experience working with pizza and other restaurants in the past.  

Hukill said her personal favorite pizza the business offers is the one with chicken and buffalo wing sauce, but the most popular pie is the crab rangoon pizza.

“We took it off the menu for a little while, and we had people calling us asking about it,” Hukill said.

The crab rangoon has a cream cheese base with green onions and is topped with crab and wontons with more cheese, similar to the regular crab rangoon.

They also serve sumptuous wings with a sweet chili sauce as well as salads. Beer and wine is offered to dine-in customers.

There are many seating options for customers, who while they dine can enjoy the pictures hanging on the wall that Hukill and her friends took in areas around Park County.

Hukill expects some renovations in the near future, such as creating a patio space and an area for live music in the summer time.

Despite Google maps incorrectly listing the restaurant location as Wilsall, the business is in Clyde Park on 202 Short St. in the old Post Office building, next to Glenn’s Shopping Center.

Sunnyside Pizza is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Contact the business at 686-4081.

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