Pedestrian flags placed at Main, Park intersection

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Photo courtesy of the Park County Environmental Council

The new, orange pedestrian flags are pictured at the intersection of Park and Main streets recently.

With the weather getting warmer, more pedestrians are on downtown Livingston streets.

In order to make sure walkers can safely cross Park Street, the Active Transportation Coalition has put pedestrians flags at the intersection of Park and Main streets, near the underpass to the other side of Livingston.

“I’ve absolutely seen people use them. Every time I walk by, there are different numbers on each side,” said Colleen Ferris, community manager for the Park County Environmental Council.

Ferris said her neighbor, whose son crosses Park Street daily to and from school, said he thinks it will make the crossing faster.

The flags were installed May 8 and will be there through the summer, Ferris said. She said the plan is to install something permanent later on.

Ferris also said flags will hopefully be coming to more high-risk intersections.

The orange flags are designed to increase drivers’ ability to see pedestrians. There are flag holders on each side of the street, so pedestrians can carry them from one side of Park Street to the other.

The project is funded by Park County and the Park County Environmental Council. The holders were built by Dalton Booth and Morgan Nevin, students in Mr. Shane Stender’s AgEd program at Park High School.