Paul ‘Vee’ Vucetich

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
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On Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, the world lost a good friend, Paul “Vee” Vucetich, of Livingston. 

Paul was born on June 2, 1957, and attended college in California, where he studied botany, a topic that he would continue to educate himself in throughout his life. He radiated love and was often described by those that knew him as the most sincere, honest, empathetic and unselfish person they had ever met. Paul’s kindness and generosity were boundless and unmatched. Paul loved the animals, plants and people of the world, and traveled extensively in a quest to better understand them and their experience. This passion ultimately led to him settling in the Cooke City, Paradise Valley, and the Livingston areas of Montana, never allowing the distance between him and his special places in Yellowstone to become too great. 

Paul developed his passion for nature photography and turned this into a profession. His photographs of the Greater Yellowstone can be found on postcards, advertisements, and in books, including in the seminal book “Spectacular Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks,” that he co-edited. He used his photographic talents to grow local tourism through his job as a property manager with Vacation Rentals Montana, where he worked. He was also a skilled handy man, a characteristic that he used to help his friends overcome car, computer, electrical and plumbing problems, along with so many others. He also was an extraordinary dog and plant sitter.

He is survived by his wonderful friends and neighbors, including Henry and Lou Finkbeiner (SilverGate), Jeff and Mariah Henry and his mother, Roberta (Paradise Valley), Annie Craig and Mitch Hurt (Paradise Valley), Andie and Eve Art (Paradise Valley), Allison Konkel and Ted Babcock (Bozeman), John Mabie and Patrica Blume (Livingston), Marisa Sharp and Eric Boyd (Livingston), Elizabeth Clark (South Carolina), Andrew Still (Boston), Hebbard Blesius and Dan Porter (Livingston), among many others. Paul saw the good in all people and truly believed that kindness and love were the solutions to humanities problems. Please help us turn Paul’s dreams into a reality by being a bit more kind and loving to your neighbors, friends and family. 

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please consider making a financial offering to the Stafford Animal Shelter in the name of our forever friend, Paul Vucetich, Barefoot Paul.