Partisan politics on display at fair


My 11-year-old daughter and her five friends attended the Park County fair on Wednesday afternoon this week. As we walked into the exhibition building, the Republican party exhibit made them gasp. In front of us stood a picture of Hillary Clinton with a Pinocchio nose attached, as well as a picture of  Steve Bullock and Hillary Clinton’s faces super- imposed into a derogatory Wizard of Oz motif. You could then pivot to the back of the room and have your picture taken with a life size cut out of Donald Trump.

As a resident of the Montana House of Representatives District 60, I was ashamed and appalled at the partisan politics being displayed at our local county fair.

I begrudgingly accept the hyper-partisan politics playing out on the national stage this election cycle, but Debra Lamm, I expect and demand that you represent all of the folks of Park County, regardless of their political leanings. Your sophomoric display at the fair only increases to divide us, not unify us.

After a devastating six months of sorrow this year, we are trying to heal our community. We are teaching our children that bullying behavior is unacceptable  and will not be tolerated in our schools. Yet here at our local county fair, our community leaders are exhibiting the very behaviors we claim are reprehensible.

If I may quote our eloquent First  Lady, “I tell my girls, when they go low, we go high ...” I suggest our community leaders take her words to heart and begin uniting our community, rather than dividing us.

Erin Denton