Park High graduates 105 students

Monday, June 4, 2018

Enterprise photo by Nate Howard

Park High School graduates stand for the presentation of colors at the 117th Annual Commencement Sunday at Park High School. For more photos on the graduation, see Page 3.


The 2018 Park High School 117th Annual Commencement graduated 105 students Sunday at Park High School.

Eight students enlisted in military service.

Samantha Carter-Emter is one of those eight currently stationed in Texas but with help from her mother, she was able to witness the ceremony from the Lone Star State.

Her mother, Michele Carter, received Samantha’s diploma on her behalf and broadcast her walk across the stage with her phone and a live video stream which Samantha viewed from Texas.

Valedictorians are Emily Megan Kokot, Elizabeth Mickelson, Jakim Ricketts, Larissa Saarel and the salutatorian is Aleah Peterson.

Retiring teacher Bill Shannon, with 42 years teaching, gave the teacher address.

Emily Kokot, a valedictorian, told her classmates, “Hard work can prove to be much stronger than any amount of intelligence. In addition, work for yourself, not for the supposed happiness brought by money.

Larissa Saarel told the class, “As we go on to test different and new endeavors, make new relationships and create a new life for ourselves, I want to encourage you to stay wild and test your limits. I’m talking the primal wild, the feeling of being free, expanding your horizon and doing truly what you want to do.”