Park County’s unemployment rate is at 5.5 percent

Enterprise Staff

Park County’s unemployment rate dropped from last year, while the rate for Montana has stayed the same.

Gov. Steve Bullock’s office released the unemployment rates for Montana showing 4.1 percent unemployment rate, similar to the year before. The U.S. has a slightly higher unemployment rate at 4.9 percent.

Park County’s unemployment rate of 5.5 represents a .9 percent drop from the last year, although it is still higher than the state’s. Of the 56 counties in Montana, Park County ranks 34th in unemployment, tied with Blaine and Sliver Bow counties.

According to the press release, 7,577 people are employed in Park County with 209 more new jobs than last year.

“Today’s economic news is another sign that Montana’s economy is among the strongest in the nation,” said Bullock said in the release. “As our economy grows at a fast rate, we continue to work to ensure Montana’s wage growth remains high and that we are finding new ways to prepare our workforce for our state’s growing industries.”

Montana added 5,166 new jobs — about a 1.1 percent growth rate. Job growth was seen in the retail trade, manufacturing and construction.

“Our economy continues to add jobs, with payroll employment growing in January,” Labor and Industry Commissioner Pam Bucy said in the release. “We continue to work hard to ensure that our training programs prepare workers for the workplace and that businesses have the labor force pipeline they need to prosper.”

McCone County had the lowest unemployment rate at 2.1 percent. In contrast, Lincoln County had the highest 12.6 percent.