Pants on fire


The president of the Montana Trappers Association, Mr. Toby Walrath, has declared modern trapping techniques to be humane and safe. I call pants on fire.

Techniques just about as humane and safe, I’d say, as an anti-personnel land mine or any other form of improvised explosive device.

It takes no great amount of imagination to understand that many an innocent and unsuspecting animal suffers painfully and needlessly and that many a family suffers the anguish, agony and anger of seeing their beloved pet maimed, mutilated and dismembered when accidentally caught in the unrelenting and impersonal jaws of a snap trap.

Imagine how you would react if your faithful companion of many years, man’s best friend, comes limping home on three legs and a bloody stump, then drops dead at your feet. That is if the animal is capable of gnawing through his leg in order to free itself from one of these “humane” devices. Or how is your neighbor going to console his kids when the veterinarian has to tell them that their 10-week-old puppy will never recover from the vicious bite of an angry steel trap?

The use of the inhumane and malicious devices needs to be prohibited on all Montana public lands, and it will be, too, if you feel it in your conscience to support Initiative 177 on Nov. 8.

In the pureness of your heart, you know it is the right thing to do.

Bill Stephens