Out-of-district students at Pine Creek School


I would like to first extend my congratulations to Commissioner Hoglund on her new position in Pine Creek School. All my best to you. Second, I would like to say I was flabbergasted by the final comments. I laughed out loud — are you kidding me? 

Welcoming out-of-district students has not been so easy for the board. Does no one remember the debacle two years ago? Accusations of bullying, lawyers and policemen attended our meetings! And it was all blamed on our nasty, bad influence, out-of-district children and parents, whom I know donated a monumental amount of effort, time and money all for bettering the school. 

More than half of the school children (in-district students as well) withdrew and none of the beloved teachers nor any administrators remained in position much longer as a result of the board’s personal agenda. 

A beautiful rural school with fantastic students, devoted teachers and seriously committed parents was completely shredded by such an effusive welcoming. 

Melissa Shepardson
Paradise Valley