Our children’s future is at stake in next election

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I was rather taken aback at the short yet divisive nature of the Enterprise article, “Debra Lamm paints a bleak picture if Democrats win.” One might think that some facts would be included with such quotes as, “gun confiscation, post-birth abortion, open borders” and “full-blown socialism.”  Rather than bring forth any details or evidence clarifying such claims Debra Lamm and The Enterprise have chosen to simply fan the flames of antagonism within Park County.     

At a time when an increasing number of Americans are becoming aware of the corruption, blunders and hypocrisy of the current administration, I’d like to share a few facts that Debra Lamm may find awkward. If socialism is the outlay of taxpayer dollars, please remember our interstate highway system, Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon, and the defeat of Adolf Hitler, were all “socialist” programs.  More recently, taxpayers have spent more than $110 million on Trump’s golf trips, another “socialist” program for a man who, “won’t have time to golf.” Much to the vexation of American farmers, recent tariffs passed by the Trump administration will result in inadequate cash payouts to thousands of hard-working folks in the agricultural industry.  In regards to the gun issue, Americans have witnessed far too many mass killings. This is not to say Democrats want to “confiscate” anyone’s guns. Yet, outside the battlefield does anyone truly need, an assault rifle — a weapon designed to kill humans as quickly as possible? 

Going forward, please recognize the fear mongering employed by too many politicians when choosing any public servant. Take the time to study the issues, focusing on the facts rather than the sensational. Debra Lamm may be correct about one thing, “We all know what’s at stake in this election ……” Our children’s future is at stake.

Gerald D. Cole

Paradise Valley