Opinions should be based on knowledge of the facts

Friday, November 8, 2019


In his letter to the editor of Oct. 29, Mr. Koopman once again insults in general the majority of Americans who know climate change is real and dangerous, and in particular those who know that we can do something about it, and are responsible enough to act on this issue. Although it has been politicized, climate change is not a political issue — it is a fact that affects all of us.

Mr. Koopman claims to want the reader to choose for himself, but then lists only websites that support his opinion. He lists none of the websites that present the overwhelming scientific majority’s opposing opinion, or that explain the science that has led them to their conclusions. Below are a few of the many websites that give science-based information about climate change, some of which specifically address and correct the disinformation and half-truths spread by the kind of websites listed by Mr. Koopman. 

• Climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus (Scientific Consensus/Facts-Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet). This is a good place to start. It briefly gives the positions of the largest national, government, and international scientific organizations and has links to almost 200 legitimate climate change resources. 

• Whatweknow.aaas.org. The American Association for the Advancement of Science is the first and largest interdisciplinary American science society. 

• Climate.nasa.gov (NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming). 

• Climatefeedback.org (A Scientific Reference to Reliable Information on Climate Change). 

• Realclimate.org. This blog provides commentaries by working climate scientists in response to developing stories.

Donna Onstott