Nootz, Friedman retain seats on Livingston City Commission

Nolan Lister — Enterprise Staff Writer
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
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Enterprise photo by Nolan Lister

Park County Election Administrator Maritza Reddington, left, works in her office as the deadline approaches Tuesday evening for ballots to be turned in.

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Livingston residents re-elected incumbent City Commissioners Mel Friedman and Melissa Nootz Tuesday while their neighbors in Clyde Park elected Robert Queen to be their new mayor.

Nootz finished as the top vote-getter, receiving more than a third of the votes cast with 1,305. Friedman received 834 votes.

“I feel really grateful for all of the support from the people of Livingston but also for the process of campaigning,” Nootz said. “It afforded me the opportunity to have many hundreds of face-to-face interactions with with members of the community.”

She also said she is grateful for her family for their support and those who helped her with her campaign.

As far as celebrating her win, Nootz said, “It’s a school night. I’ll be helping with homework and tucking my kids into bed.”

Friedman expressed similar sentiments.

“I feel really gratified,” he said. “I feel really good about the community, and I really appreciate everyone who voted.”

Friedman said his previously planned vacation with his wife to Florida will serve as his celebration.

Candidate Patricia Grabow finished a a close third with 723 votes. Fellow candidates Phillip Bowers and Jay Kiefer received 568 and 450 votes respectively.

In the Clyde Park Mayoral race, Queen narrowly edged out his opponent, Jennifer Perry, by 24 votes. Queen received 75 votes to Perry’s 51.

“I’m pleased, I guess. I’ll try to do the best I can to put past scandals behind us and move forward,” Queen said. “I want to thank all of the people who voted.”

In the city of Livingston, more than 38 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in this election. More than 57 percent of Clyde Park voters turned out for their election.

Park County Election Administrator Maritza Reddington said the voter turnout is on par with previous elections.

“It was pretty close to 2017,” Reddington said.