New tea/coffee lounge also serves as gathering spot

Dwight Harriman — Enterprise Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Enterprise photo by Nate Howard

Robert Roskind, owner of The Oasis at 104 N. Main St., stands inside the business last week.

A new coffee and tea lounge provides a relaxing place to hang out in Livingston.

The Oasis, owned by Robert Roskind, occupies the space where Chadz coffee shop used to be, at 104 N. Main St.

Roskind offers organic coffee and tea — a long row of over 20 different kinds of tea line the shelves behind the counters — along with hot chocolate, smoothies and pastries.

The shop also offers small, locally made meals like spinach pies, potato cheese pies, cheese plates and personal pizzas.

In addition, Roskind said The Oasis carries healing botanicals, which include CBD, kava and kratom. The CBD, which is hempoil derived, contains no THC by Montana law, Roskind said, adding the botanicals ease pain, reduce inflammation, and ease anxiety and depression naturally.


Something more

The Oasis is more than a coffee and tea shop — “It’s an alternate place to gather,” instead of the usual spots like bars and restaurants, Roskind said.

The comfortable atmosphere, with soft couches, easy chairs, fireplaces and rugs lends support to that purpose.

The Oasis is also a place to hear evening presentations from local people on everything from the environment to holistic healing, to mental health and indigenous wisdom — presentations that carry a positive and inspirational message, something important to Roskind, who does some of them himself.

Samples of presentations within the next week include “Gatka — the Way of the Spiritual Warrior with Mata Mandir Singh,” “Reinventing Ourselves: The Next Blessed Chapter” by Roskind, and “Essential Emotion and Essential Oils” with Kate Dietze.

Along with this, on weekends Roskind shows what he calls “Movies that Matter,” which likewise inspire and present a positive message. On tap for Nov. 23 is “Brother Sun, Sister Moon,” on the life of St. Francis of Assisi.

He also sometimes hosts musicians. All events are free.


Sharing the message

Before coming here, Roskind for many years operated a shop like The Oasis, which he still oversees, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When his daughter Alicia Roskind moved to Paradise Valley, he decided to open a shop here so he could see her more often. He now spends time both here and in North Carolina.

Roskind was for years an entrepreneur running several businesses but a couple of decades ago began devoting his time to philanthropic work.

In that sense, he’s not worried about making money at The Oasis — breaking even is OK with him — since his ventures are not purely commercial, he said. Rather, The Oasis helps serve as a place where people can share a positive message of unconditional love for all humanity.

Roskind, who is an author of a dozen books, said his books convey that message, without adherence to any particular religion. A predominant theme in them is wisdom from Native American, Mayan and Rastafarian elders.

One of his books applies the positive message to business. “In the Spirit of Business: A Guide to Resolving Fears and Creating Harmony in Your Worklife,” caught Oprah Winfrey’s eye back in 1998 and she ordered 150 copies for her staff, Roskind said.

For years, Roskind also organized dozens of large, free concerts that convey the unconditional love theme, including concerts of Bob Marley music in Jamaica, events on Indian reservations in the U.S. and even in maximum security prisons in North Carolina, where he also organized many presentations with discussions and films.

The Oasis is open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday; and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday. Evening presentations take place most weeknights at 6 p.m. and weekends at 7 p.m. For more information or a schedule of events, visit or call 333-2553.