The New Deal


Did you hear about the New Deal? The latest from the Oval Office is get ready for change. With the uncovering of PRISM, NSA’s telecommunications spy network, the idea that a thousand guilty men should go free rather than one innocent man be convicted is being turned on its head. The new paradigm is this: Do what you want and if you get caught breaking the law or impinging the constitution then call for a dialog; and then change the law, change the Constitution if necessary and thereby change the meaning of freedom in American.

And this comes at a time when this administration has been caught lying and trying to get everyone to swear to it and makes this exercise, swallowing a new-deal of sorts, like putting our heads in the lion’s mouth after seeing it chomp off others in quick succession.

Now that we have been sufficiently terrorized and before they quit mentioning 911 in the schools, now would be a good time they figure, to start filling the courts with cases impossible to prosecute effectively but nevertheless ruinous to those accused when faced with the expense of having to defend themselves against the might of prosecutors from the U.S. Justice Department, and all this just to give the impression they are doing effective work where it should be apparent being effective is an impossibility.

It’s like finding yourself on the stage as a magician and you don’t have any tricks, so you turn out the lights and explain to the audience the wondrous tricks you’re pulling off. You know, a bit like the IRS trying to make the Tea-Partiers go away.

Now, right now, would be a good time to fill the prisons with more Gitmo-types they reason, since they can’t seem to close the place, so the Gitmo problem disappears even as the need for more of them arises; so those accused/accursed, who are unable to present a defense at the same time the prosecution is unable to prove its case against them, can rot and the taxpayer cares and feeds them in a perpetuated inhuman zoo of chain-link and razor wire and stir-crazy Marines. And in the meantime every pipe-bomb explosion around the world will be dutifully reported and investigated and after years and millions of dollars and terabytes sifted connecting the dots you still end up with nothing but more dots and more anguish and suffering for the innocent and the unmitigated compromise of American’s rights to private communication. This is what we’ve been accusing the Chinese of doing.

As anyone who has actually connected the dots well knows there is more than one way to do it and thereby change a dog into a cat. This bunch is clever but not very; bored, empowered and frustrated, ‘cause the real bad boys are hard to nail; but anybody with the abilities of a detective story writer can sift the information available at their fingertips and create a story of suspicion of criminality sufficient to unleash the very hounds of hell on innocent Americans and foreigners as well and simply for their own amusement: Was anyone surprised to find the IRS was already full of hounds and they were off the leash since 2007?

Compared to the damage the other agencies of government are capable of, their work will look like a nerd-prank, which it certainly was not ... and that’s the New Deal.

Marco Alvarado