New business teaches muscle control, pilates and golf conditioning

Eden Jones

Julie Mastro, of Body by Design, explains that most people do Pilates in their day-to-day lives without even thinking about it.

“Pilates is the art of controlling every muscle while you’re doing a movement,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what you’re doing—as long as you’re controlling every muscle in a movement, you’re doing Pilates.” 

Of course, one can simply stop by her new facilities at 112 E. Lewis St. if one wishes to take part in her traditional Pilates classes. 

“I incorporate Pilates into every sports thing I do,” Mastro explained. 

Mastro’s Pilates practice is built around the five basic principles of Pilates: breath, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, shoulder stability, and head and neck alignment. Her business, Body by Design, also offers TRX, a suspension workout system, and golf conditioning. 

“TRX is a suspension training system created by a Navy SEAL,” Mastro explained. “It allows you to use your own natural body weight to perform all the exercises, and now everyone who’s deployed gets a TRX training system so they can keep working out without a gym.” 

Mastro also explained that she is a Titleist certified gold conditioning specialist, and she works with “anyone who wants to gain more distance,” also specializing in rehabilitating injured golfers. Common golf injuries include back, shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries. “Anything that prevents people from enjoying playing the game, I’m trained to help people prevent injuries or continue playing despite them.” 

Mastro has taught Pilates classes at the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts, the Firehall Fitness Center, the Livingston Golf course, and in various other local settings. Her studio, Body by Design, is now open for business and the full schedule of classes is available online at