New business park underway near Gardiner

Dwight Harriman — Enterprise Staff Writer
Friday, September 13, 2019
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Enterprise photos by Dwight Harriman

Jeff Guengerich, owner of the new Gardiner Business Park, stands in front of fuel stations on the left, and the auto and RV repair center directly behind him, Thursday. The business park is located about 3.5 miles north of Gardiner.

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Guengerich shows how a cell phone can be used to pay for fuel at Gardiner Business Park's Sinclair gas pumps.

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Joe Swink, left, and his brother, Josh Swink, subcontracted workers under Mile High Excavating of Butte, pound in rebar before cement for a water drain gutter is poured, at the new Gardiner Business Park on Thursday. The main contractor for the project is Sievert Construction, of Bozeman.

Any motorist driving into Gardiner on U.S. Highway 89 South has seen it by now — a large complex with Sinclair fuel pumps about 3.5 miles north of Gardiner on the east side of the road.

But its much more than a gas station. It’s an 8-acre business park that will have a wide variety of services, from fuel and auto repair to commercial spaces and a convenience store for visitors and Gardiner residents alike.

But for owner Jeff Guengerich, a 22-year resident of Gardiner and owner of  Yellowstone Dino Lube and Repair, it’s more than a business opportunity — it’s also a way to help the town he loves.

“I really have a passion for Gardiner,” Guengerich said as heavy equipment rumbled around him and workers went about their tasks under sunny skies Thursday afternoon.


The need

Guengerich said for years he’s seen the need for a business park, given the increase in visitors to the area and a need in Gardiner itself for such a space.

The problem is, with Gardiner surrounded by federal land, there’s no place to build a multi-faceted facility and costs are prohibitive if there were.

“In Gardiner, no matter how you look at it, we’re landlocked,” Guengerich said.

With all this in mind, a half-dozen years ago he purchased the property just north of town, and in May broke ground to make that dream a reality. 

He sees building out of town as a way to keep the town’s precious real estate available for living space or businesses like restaurants, instead of an auto repair facility such as his Yellowstone Dino Lube and Repair, which in fact he’s moving to the new business park as part of his plan.


What the facility will have

The business park, called Gardiner Business Park, will have a wide array of services:

Fuel pumps. Guengerich is partnering with Sinclair for the fuel end of the business. It was a natural move for Guengerich, who is also co-owner of Yellowstone Park Service Stations, which are likewise Sinclair branded. However, Gardiner Business Park is not connected with his Yellowstone business.

The six fuel pumps will carry options many other stations don’t have, Guengerich said, such as non-ethanol premium, off-road red-dye diesel and high-flow diesel pumps for quick truck fills. Paying for fuel will be possible through a cell phone.

Another fueling option will be a quick-charge electric vehicle charging station that will accommodate at least four cars.

Full-service auto repair center. This 10,000-square-foot facility will include space for tire alignment and RV repair.

Seven commercial rental spaces. These spaces, about 2,000 square feet each — include office and garage space, and will serve businesses ranging from contractors to entrepreneurs. 

“We’ve never had anything like that in Gardiner,” Guengerich said.

Convenience store. Guengerich said it will “be a pretty modern, trend-setting convenience store,” adding that Gardiner Business Park is “going to be a destination.” The store will be a Sinclair-branded Dino Mart store.

RV waste dump. This is something the community “desperately needs,” Guengerich said.

Coffee kiosk. The drive-through kiosk will be operated by Paradise Perk, which is expanding from near Ace Hardware in Livingston.

In the future, Guengerich said he wants to partner with a propane bulk company in Gardiner to move that operation out of town and to the new business park. However, nothing concrete is planned yet. This would help alleviate community safety concerns about such a plant being in town and near Gardiner School, he said. 

Asked if any concerns had been expressed about his large development in that area, Guengerich said there had been some, but noted the reality is that the number of visitors keeps growing, and the business park addresses those needs. Also, it will provide quality jobs year-round and, he reiterated it will help free up real estate in Gardiner. He added it’s better to keep dollars local than have them go out of town.



Construction on Gardiner Business Park began in May. The fuel pumps are already open, and Guengerich projects the auto repair shop will open in January, along with the commercial spaces. 

The convenience store is projected to open in June of next year.

For more information on the project, visit the Yellowstone Dino Lube and Repair Facebook site.