Nancy Pelosi, the very rich hypocrite

It’s not the first time she was wrong. It won’t be the last, either.

But the sheer hypocrisy makes this instance worth noting.

So it wasn’t that long ago that we saw a lot of Nancy Pelosi in front of television cameras telling everyone how the recent tax cut was for only rich people.

But she did it better than that.

She employed all the requisite buzz-words — poor, middle class, wealthy few — and fortified her liberal bona fides along the way. Her criticisms, and her seemingly perpetual television appearances, only grew increasingly shrill the closer the vote. But there is no denying the woman’s expertise.

When it comes to really rich people, Ms. Pelosi is an expert. She is one of the richest people in Congress. This particular ‘champion of poor’ is worth north of $100 million. And, like other really rich people, she lives like a really rich person.

When she is not decrying the wealth gap in America, she spends her time living in one of several very expensive homes, vacationing in exotic locales or travelling by charter jet — unless, of course, the government provides her with a jet. Then she lets the taxpayers, the very same people on the other side of the wage-gap she talks about, foot the bill. It is only fair to remind everyone that in the case of Ms. Pelosi, all this charter jet travel does make some sense. In addition to being the great champion of the poor, Ms. Pelosi is a global-warming warrior. Traveling in charter jets gets her places faster so she has more time to scold the rest of us about carbon ‘pollution.’ But it is her immense wealth that proves she was wrong — and a hypocrite — about the tax cut.

As we all remember, Ms. Pelosi warned us many times how the tax cut was a handout to the rich. She repeated, then repeated again, how only rich people would benefit and how the tax cut was one big scam to reward wealthy Republican donors.

Hey, the tax cut legislation was complicated. The rest of us are busy with jobs, families, mortgages — how would we know? Besides, Ms. Pelosi — despite the mansions and the millions — is the Champion of the Poor.

She just could be right.

Except, given what Ms. Pelosi — the multi-millionaire — did as soon as the tax cut was passed tells a different story.

A major part of the tax plan limits the deduction for state taxes. This does not matter to most of us. In fact, we won’t even notice the change.

But it matters to rich people.

Rich people like Ms. Pelosi.

Previously rich people with big, fancy houses would deduct the amount they paid for state taxes from their federal tax.

To say it another way working families, the very people Ms. Pelosi claims she is so worried about, were subsidizing elites through their federal tax payments.

That, of course, has all the rich people – especially in high tax states like California where Ms. Pelosi lives — screaming. There are attempts to concoct various scams to avoid the higher federal taxes they will pay.

Ms. Pelosi didn’t wait. She paid her state taxes under the old law instead of waiting until the new law took effect — thus saving a bundle on federal taxes.

This is rich on a couple points.

Nobody can blame Ms. Pelosi for taking legal steps to lower her tax bill. We all do that. But this is the lady who said, by opposing tax cuts, that you and I should pay more federal taxes. Yet when she has the opportunity to pay more to the federal government, she does the opposite.

Secondly, Ms. Pelosi was one of the screech-leaders telling how the tax cut was a give-away to the rich. If that were true, if the rich did so well under this new tax law, how come she scrambled so fast to pay her taxes under the old tax law?

It’s the old adage, pay attention to what they do — not what they say.

— Dan Hammes

St. Maries (Idaho) Gazette Record