Multiple accidents close I-90 eastbound east of Livingston

Enterprise Staff

Interstate 90 eastbound east of Livingston has been closed due to multiple accidents, Park County officials state on the county’s Facebook page

The accidents occurred near milepost 344, east of Livingston. 

Traffic is being diverted back to Livingston at the milepost 340 interchange, east of town. 

The highway should be reopened as soon as the accidents are cleared and a safe travel lane can be restored. 

There is no estimated time set for when the road will be reopened. 

“The roads are solid ice east, west, north south,” Park County Rural Fire Chief Dann Babcox said in a Facebook post. “Visibility is very limited. Plows are out but unable to keep up due to wind. If you absolutely do not need to be out then don't be.” 

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning through Tuesday night, with snow likely on Wednesday and Thursday. Colder air is moving into the area, with lows expected to hit -1 by Thursday night.