Montanans, tourists and Americans tired of atrocities against bison


Dr. Marty Zaluski, veterinarian for the Montana Department of Livestock, DOL, has ordered a dictum in contradiction to the Interagency Bison Management Plan, to vaccinate wild bison against brucellosis. Just who runs the state of Montana? Apparently it is DOL despite the livestock industry’s minute contribution to the state’s overall GDP when one considers the industry is almost entirely supported with welfare that is taxpayer dollars. 

Cattle infected bison and elk with brucellosis. Why do these welfare ranchers refuse to take any personal responsibility for their livestock? This absurd dictum to vaccinate bison is equivalent to taxpayers asking the state of Montana to vaccinate all skunks against rabies so pet owners don’t have to pay to vaccinate their dogs and cats. That really is the perfect example of Dr. Zaluski’s dictum. Just how much welfare are taxpayers expected to donate to these irresponsible ranchers? Why can’t ranchers pay to vaccinate their own cattle?

A letter to the editor I wrote asking if ranchers were good neighbors was published in the Enterprise several weeks ago. Frankly, I was expecting some hate mail but to my pleasant surprise I received numerous phone calls and a letter thanking me for speaking up and telling the truth about what is going on in this state with ranchers, their hatred of bison, and the undue influence of DOL on wildlife management. 

I once again allege ranchers are not good neighbors. I also allege the vast majority of them are welfare mongers; always having a handout for taxpayer subsidies. If these subsidies ended, some of them would go out of business. That’s capitalism. If you can’t pay your way then fold. It is far past time some of these ranchers folded.

The Enterprise followed my letter with an article about the ranchers who shipped some cattle to other ranchers in South Dakota who lost their livestock to a freak blizzard. The title of the article was something to the effect of “Ranchers – Being Good Neighbors.” I respect the cleverness and not so subtle shot across the bow. Touché! But I would suggest a better title would have been “Taking Care of Their Own.” They weren’t being good neighbors to their neighbors; they were simply giving their cattle to other cattle ranchers.

Montanans, US citizens, and tourists from around the world are sick of the DOL and the gutless Montana administration that allows and encourages the continued atrocities against bison to prop up a dying livestock industry. And we aren’t going away. I was gratified to see the editorial published in the Enterprise stating Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks commissioners should be elected rather than appointed. The current commission is nothing more than a toady for DOL. The requirement that at least one commissioner be a livestock rancher states it all. What does livestock have to do with wildlife? The intelligent answer is nothing – other than the fact that non-native livestock infected our native wildlife with brucellosis.

Maybe we need a statewide initiative requiring all Montana ranchers to pay for the treatment and care of any wild animal testing positive for brucellosis. Maybe their property should be seized to start a wild bison/elk sanctuary if they can’t pay. Tourists would come from all over the world and pay to see these poor animals infected by these alien livestock. What a wonderful educational opportunity - not to mention telling the truth about what is really going on.

There is a lot of talk about how to deal with illegal immigration. I too am mad about this issue. We should round up all non-native livestock and ship them back to Europe where they came from. Problem solved. No more worries about brucellosis. 

Denise Boggs