Montanans must again stop Gianforte


With Ryan Zinke expected to be confirmed as the secretary of the Interior Department, Montanans will soon have a unique opportunity to choose a new representative in the U.S. Congress.

Though the candidates have yet to be announced, Greg Gianforte — a multimillionaire from New Jersey whom Montanans rejected as their governor a mere two months ago — is expected to be the nominee for the Republican ticket.

Gianforte seems to think Montanans have a short memory. But we do not. We remember his documented attempt to block ordinary Montanans from accessing a public easement through his personal property. We remember his support of levying a state sales tax that would benefit large corporations while hurting low-income families. We remember the misrepresentations and outright lies he advanced during the 2016 election, including one assertion directly debunked by executives at Facebook. We remember his long history of donating millions to antiscience organizations and ongoing advancement of a religious ideology far more radical than that of ordinary churchgoing Montanans. 

When Montanans go to the polls in this special election, it is our duty to look past the “R” and “D” behind the candidates’ names and instead truly contemplate which person has our best interests at heart. And for the second time, we must send a message to Gianforte — we must tell him that Montanans will not allow a power-hungry outsider with deep pockets to use our great state as a political springboard to advance his own ego and self-interested agenda.

Amy Katherine Talcott