Montana map donated to museum

Samantha Hill

On Thursday evening, the Yellowstone Gateway Museum was donated an 1883 Montana map from the Curated Closet, while the Livingston Depot received a World War II nurse uniform.

The items were donated last evening during a Network Live event at the business.

Gateway Museum Director Paul Shea said Tuesday he hasn’t gotten much of a chance to examine the map but it does show Montana when it was still a territory and it was made by the General Land Office.

Shea was called to the Curated Closet a couple months ago with other historians in the community to confirm if the donated map was an original print or a copy.

After a thorough examination, they confirmed it was in fact real.

Shea said the map is in good condition considering its age with only one tear and a few wrinkles. He believes it was rolled up for years and never folded.

Curated Closet manager Heather Heath said she decided to donate the map to the museum because it seemed as though it would benefit Livingston and Shea seemed excited about it.

The map will be joining a maps display at the museum, along original but older maps of the area. Shea said you have to do a little guess work to determine where territories are positioned in those versus the 1883 map, which shows some towns as well as where railroad tracks are located.

“It’s interesting to see how the map sort of changes over time,” he said.

An authentic uniform was also donated by the Curated Closet to the Livingston Depot to go into the war section of the museum.