Man in custody after standoff in Livingston

Johnathan Hettinger —
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Law enforcement vehicles are pictured Tuesday afternoon in the area of a stand-off that closed Gallatin Street between K and L streets in Livingston. (Enterprise photo by Johnathan Hettinger)

A suspect is in custody after a police stand-off closed Gallatin Street between K and L streets in Livingston on Tuesday morning.

A detective with the Park County Sheriff’s Department attempted to serve a civil warrant on the suspect, who claimed to have a knife, around 11 a.m. The suspect then fled on foot to the backyard of a house on Gallatin Street, where he was standing with a machete and a backpack.

The suspect was surrounded by officers on each side of the yard, and Livingston Police Chief Dale Johnson was seen talking with the suspect.

Around 1:30 p.m., the suspect agreed to put his knives away and go into custody. The suspect was taken to Livingston HealthCare and has not yet been formally charged.

“It worked out without having to use any force,” Hamilton said.

Sheriff Scott Hamilton said he called in additional resources with less than lethal methods to deal with the suspect. Hamilton described the suspect as armed and refusing to comply with officer’s orders.

Officers with the Bozeman Police Department, the Livingston Police Department and the sheriff’s department were on scene.

The street was closed, so the man would not harm any members of the public, but Hamilton said the suspect was contained.

“He is not an immediate threat to public safety,” Hamilton said.