Malone finds real-world solutions


I am a lifelong resident and rancher in the Shields Valley and I support Marty Malone for county commissioner. Marty understands how important the agriculture industry is to Park County, not only because of its direct impact on the local economy, but because it protects and maintains the wide-open spaces that so many residents and visitors alike enjoy. He understands how to keep our county infrastructure strong and has worked with MSU Extension, Park County Conservation District, and various weed control organizations such as the Park County Weed Board to keep producers informed and improve our agricultural opportunities.

Marty has been working with the Forest Service on a fast-track project that will decrease fuel loads on federal land adjacent to private land with home sites. This project will promote forest health while reducing fire hazards, and helps cut the red tape to get the job done.

I am on the Shields Valley School Board, and Marty recently opened a discussion between our district and the County Health Department to make better use of the funds available to us and provide greater services to our communities. All government agencies jealously guard the funds they have, and getting them to change the way they’ve been doing things can be controversial. Marty was not discouraged by the potential conflict and was able to achieve greater coordination between these two different governmental entities to deliver more services.

Finding real-world solutions for people who work in the real world is what Marty does best.

Ned Zimmerman