IN THE MAIL - March 21, 2018

Add your voice to the Clean Power Plan discussion


This weekend, Montanans will speak out about the current administration’s destructive efforts to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). While the last formal hearing on this repeal will be held next week in Gillette, Wyoming, local Montana residents are holding our own “People’s Hearing” this Sunday in Billings to express our outrage over this irresponsible and undemocratic repeal.

The Clean Power Plan, initiated by Scott Pruitt’s own Environmental Protection Agency just a few years ago (after massive citizen input), responsibly addresses the air pollution and climate degradation that costs every one of us in the form of health risks, intensified wildfires, massive floods, longer droughts and diminished crop yields. The CPP accomplishes these goals while creating jobs and growing the economy.

By the EPA’s own data the Clean Power Plan could reduce as many as 6,600 premature deaths and 150,000 asthma attacks in children. The potential health and climate benefits alone are valued as high as $93 billion. The CPP puts us on the path to create a prosperous economic future for all; Department of Energy data indicates clean energy jobs outnumber jobs in coal and gas by 5 to 1. These jobs will continue to expand our economies as clean energy technologies become ever cheaper and more efficient.

Add your voice to the “Clean Power to the People” hearing at the First Congressional United Church of Christ in downtown Billings at 3 p.m. this Sunday, March 25. Your words in favor of a healthy future will be submitted to the EPA. A bright, clean energy future is already beginning to appear in Montana and around the country, and we intend to see the full promise of that future become reality.

Joanie Kresich

Greater degree of professionalism expected from city manager


The comments made by the city manager at last night’s Livingston City Commission meeting were inappropriate. City Manager Mike Kardoes held a gun to the head of the commissioners regarding the discussion of the Urban Renewal Agency bonding.

Commissioners Warren Mabie and Sarah Sandberg requested more specificity before casting a vote.

Mr. Kardoes said that if the commission did not vote to approve that there will be no skateboard park this year.

I expected a greater degree of professionalism from the city manager.

Jay Kiefer