The most dangerous sport


I am writing to support full wilderness protection for 229,000 acres of roadless grizzly habitat in the Gallatin Range, especially the Buffalo Horn-Porcupine Wilderness Study Area, the largest unprotected wild lands left in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

This is not the time for compromise; we need wilderness designation. Anything less will not do the trick for the Yellowstone grizzly, now threatened by the NRA and Safari Club with trophy hunting. It will also save the lives of dozens of mountain bikers.

The most dangerous thing you can do in griz country is move quickly and quietly. The vast majority of grizzly attacks on human beings results from hikers surprising a mother bear sleeping with her cubs on a daybed. These snoozing griz can be approached way too close by a careless human invading the space bears feel they need to defend their cubs.

Mountain biking in grizzly country is far more dangerous than hiking, and probably the easiest way to get mauled or killed by a bear. The sample size of fatalities is small: Near Glacier park in 2016, a mountain biker ran smack into a grizzly and was killed by the bear. But that number is certain to grow exponentially if the Gallatin roadless areas are opened to mechanized recreational use like mountain biking.

Surprisingly, the push to create these recreational biking areas is supported by the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, The Wilderness Society, and Montana Wilderness Association, conservation groups previously known for their support of wilderness designations.

Despite their serious work at this misplaced compromise, I hope they recapture their underlying commitment to wilderness values so I can urge my friends to resume funding them. If for no other reason, they should support wilderness designation for the welfare and safety of their mountain biking members.

Doug Peacock


That same year Trump made an unusually profitable deal. He had bought and renovated a seventeen bedroom mansion in Florida, for $41 million.

He was having a difficult time selling it until a Russian fertilizer billionaire bought it for $95 million, eventually he tore it down.

In 2013, Trump announced that father and son real estate developers in Moscow, had bought the rights to host the Miss USA Pageant in Moscow. Aras and Emin Agalarov paid $14 million for that right.

They arranged a dinner for Trump before the pageant. After this trip, Trump told Hugh Hewitt, on his show in 2015, “I call it my weekend in Moscow,” adding, “I was with top level people, both Oligarchs and top government people. I can’t go any further than that, but, I will tell you that I met top people and the relationship was extra ordinary!” (at one point Trump even said he knows the Russians better than anyone!) Trump thinks the definition of treason is that the Democrats didn’t applaud his miserable, exaggerated State of the Union address. Trump commits treason almost every time he opens his mouth. He admires dictators and puts down our allies, he especially admires Vladimir Putin and envies his absolute power. Trump defends Putin all the while calling this once strong country’s intel agents liars, (And that’s not treason?) Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to Vladimir Putin, however, Robert Mueller may be the worst thing that has ever happened to the two of them.

In 2000 Trump bragged that he was the only person who could become president and make money off it. He was right, he and his family are going through our tax dollars as though they are their own personal slush fund.

We fail to connect the reality that, comparatively speaking, many members of Congress are wealthy enough to benefit from their own tax breaks (like Trump is). These aren’t politicians doing the bidding of their rich masters, they’re politicians benefiting themselves. It must be nice to give yourself a tax break!

I think it is highly hypocritical of the Republicans on the Hill, who lie for, cover up for and enable Trump. They are directly complicit in Trump’s dismantling of the government we once knew, speaking of treason. Trump would sell his children for the almighty dollar he worships! I am personally sick of this guy’s new reality show, “Let’s Pretend I am a President,” I think this year his show will be the beginning of his show to be cancelled!

Sharon K. Snow