Protect our children,

for they are the future


I applaud Liz Kearney for her excellent editorial Friday, “Thoughts and Prayers are not enough.”

I am a retired teacher and surrounded by a family of teachers. As teachers we believe that every kid is our kid. No one should have to go to school or any community event afraid for their life.

Let us listen to our kids in the high school in Florida. Our high school students are articulate, smart and courageous because of the example and beliefs of their parents, teachers and community members. Teachers were not trained to use guns. Semi automatic guns, assault rifles should only be in the hands of law enforcement. There is no age when anyone should have assault rifles.

Trump says it will take a long time to change the laws regarding mental health, gun regulations, etc.

We don’t have a long time. We only have now. Let us use our money to install metal detectors. Let us remove the guns that harm us. Let us help those who have mental issues. Let us do it now. Tomorrow is not a guarantee.

I do not want to see anyone, especially our kids, killed before our eyes. And hug and praise these kids when they speak the truth and care for one another. Now, let us protect them for they are our future.

Nancy Adkins Livingston