Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Parade’s purpose is to celebrate the nation, rodeo and our community


After enjoying a beautiful day, patriotic music, festive regalia, and many wholesome parade floats on Saturday, I nearly had to gouge my eyes out upon seeing the Livingston Pride Coalition’s contribution to the largest Fourth of July parade in the state. The float featured a grizzly bear in S&M gear sodomizing a man on his knees, and choking him with his camera strap, as they both held onto a gay pride flag. A “bear” is a long-standing character in gay subculture known for being hairy and hyper-masculine. This was either alluding to that character type or else flagrantly endorsing bestiality.

“Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong, the bear was just riding the man.” No, this subversive display was designed to push the envelope to the absolute limit and rely upon people’s minds to fill in the gaps. That this visual abomination should not be presented to young children is self-evident according to nature. Chapter and verse of the Bible need not be cited for any decent person to see the egregious violation of public trust and confidence. It is displays like this, drag queen story hour, and the LGBTQP curriculum in our grade schools that cause protestations of, “we are not attempting to groom or indoctrinate people’s children” to come across as empty political rhetoric that belies their true intentions.

The purpose of the parade is to celebrate our nation, the rodeo, and our community. It is not nor should it be an unregulated forum for personal expression. Political campaigning and commercial advertisement with slogans and logos are one thing, even blunt ideological statements in writing — though potentially distasteful and divisive — can be viewed by adults and evaluated accordingly without disrupting the otherwise positive and festive nature of a parade. Last summer, my family with small children and many others in town were scandalized when the LPC parade offering featured grown men dressed as prostitutes handing out books and generally horrifying confused children. We made multiple phone calls to the Livingston Chamber of Commerce and the Livingston Roundup Association to ensure that this year’s parade would be family friendly, and would not give us occasion to shield our children’s eyes. Assurances were made that such a display would not be repeated. So, what happened? The best-case scenario would be gross negligence of float content and message; somebody dropped the ball and did not see this float beforehand to prohibit its participation. My fear is that this float was reviewed and whole-heartedly approved by those with oversight and made sure it was given prominent positioning for maximum exposure to little children, who come to parades expecting free candy and pretty horses, not public visual demonstrations of perversion.

When sexual expression is severed from fruitfulness and nature’s laws, there is no limit to how far the degeneracy will go. Lord have mercy.

Daniel Merz



Steve Daines, does your conscience haunt you yet?


The evidence points in my favor. What more can I say? Let’s have no more flags at half staff. Ban the AR-15.

Turn up the heat on the derelicts in Congress. Steve Daines does your conscience haunt you yet? I rest my case.

I rest my case.

Bill Stephens



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