Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Donald Trump is no Superman

Editor: Make no mistake about it America is under attack, from within, from the White house. This president has attacked the justice system, the intelligence community, and the bureaus that protect and inform us. He has weakened our relationships with our allies and cozied up to our enemies. It could be argued that virtually every move he has made would make Vladimir Putin very happy. He doesn’t know, or care, that leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un have directed crimes, including murder, against their own people and humanity. He is already talking condo development in North Korea! Don’t think for a minute he is for, or cares, about people like you and me. He has no idea who we are or how we live. He cares about himself period. He is getting richer with every move he makes. Superman used to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. Donald Trump is no Superman. Fake President.

Mark Adams
How do we support a president who bows to a dictator?

Editor: We all want peace in Korea but at what cost? I can picture the 30,000 Americans killed in the war and the countless others, including my brother, who was injured and died an early death. What would they say to a president who praises the North Korean family of terror? How can anyone support the president who bows to the world dictators? When will the decent Americans stand up and say enough is enough?

Nancy Adkins