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Friday, September 11, 2020

McConnell tries to dish dirt on Bullock


Today I received a disgusting political ad against Governor Bullock, full of lies! I googled the “Senate Leadership Fund” to find out this is Mitch McConnell, aka Moscow Mitch’s organization. I was ready to tell your readers all about the Russian oligarch, Oleg Deripaska, McConnell got Donald Trump to lift sanctions off, but I found this article from Radio Free Europe titled, “‘An Aggressive Multifaceted Effort’: Five Highlights from the U.S. Senate Report on Russian Interference,” out on Aug. 19, 2020. This article explains the whole situation better than I ever could!

Oleg Deripaska is known as Russia’s “Aluminum King,” owner of the largest aluminum company in the world. Deripaska is a criminal in other aspects, listed in this report. This is the character of the Russian oligarch Mitch McConnell got trump to lift the sanctions put on him, off. As a reward to McConnell from Deripaska, he gave McConnell a $200 million aluminum plant for his Kentucky! 

Think about just how much colluding among McConnell, Trump, Deripaska and Putin it took to get this done! In Russia, Putin chooses his oligarchs; it is rumored the billions Putin stole from Boris Yeltsin’s government coffers, when he overthrew him, are channeled into his oligarchs’ accounts and out into investments for him!

Mitch McConnell, just like Trump, is the last person who should ever be dirtying up Gov. Steve Bullock. McConnell has spent too much time running the country. 

Sharon K. Snow