Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One-way street proposal would be a bane for Livingston


I read the front-page article “Street Proposal” Tuesday evening. I have been quiet about my opinion and concerns until now. 

The one-way street proposal is a bad idea!

I have visited many big cities and a one-way street sign scares the heck out of me! Not only are you unfamiliar with the town you are visiting and driving in now you are confronted with one-way signs! By the way, not everyone has a GPS or GOOGLE Map app on their phone to tell them ahead of time what to expect.

I think Main Street should remain Main Street with a lane going each direction. 

It is also my opinion that Main Street doesn’t mean one way! One way on Main Street in a quaint town just doesn’t seem right!

Our tourists will thank us and so will the residents.

Judie Wright
Paradise Valley
Jon Tester, John McCain have done more for country than Trump


Jon Tester has already done more for America and Americans than Don John Trump will ever do.

John McCain, during his illustrious career, has done more for America and Americans than Don “bone spur” John Trump could ever imagine.

Yet draft dodgin’ self-servin’ Don John Trump, who doesn’t know the meaning of public service, has been critical of their performance.

Drain the swamp hell, it’s time to flush the White House.

P.S. Fake president.

Mark Adams


Montana’s renewable energy opportunity


On June 5, Montanans have a choice to make about leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives. I’ve been heartened to see so many qualified Democratic candidates running for Greg Gianforte’s seat, but one in particular stands out: Kathleen Williams.  

Kathleen’s positions on issues ranging from health care to equal pay, a fair tax code, public lands and new employment models reflect what the state, and country, needs right now.  

What I find particularly inspiring about Kathleen’s candidacy is the opportunity for Montana to finally embrace renewable energy, and the incredible opportunities it affords, to generate jobs and investment alongside a sustainable future. 

Kathleen understands this and is poised to make it work for our State. 

Whether we look to trends domestically or globally, wind and solar power generation are clearly the future.  Since 2012 renewable energy jobs have grown on average by 6 percent (compared to an average negative growth rate of -4.25 percent in oil, gas and coal.) Technology is rapidly evolving, prices are dropping, adoption rates are climbing and jobs in renewable sectors are soaring. I don’t want Montana to be left behind. 

Despite this inevitable direction, and Montana’s potential in wind and solar power generation, we are lagging in renewable energy production while neighboring states have embraced its economic potential. 

In 2016, Montana had 695 MW of wind capacity installed, with an estimated potential capacity of up to 940,000 MW. This is a missed opportunity. In the same year Montana ranked 42nd in the nation for solar installations and 47th for solar jobs per capita. 

We can do better. 

But we need elected officials who understand the potential and are prepared to put in place enabling policies. 

Investing in solar and wind energy has the potential to provide a major boost to Montana’s economy, creating thousands of energy-related jobs. 

And all while ensuring we preserve our clean air and protect the rivers, streams and ecosystems that truly make Montana the Last Best Place. 

Let’s seize this opportunity together and elect Kathleen Williams to advocate on behalf of Montana’s future as our representative in the U.S. Congress.

Lara Birkes
Paradise Valley