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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

If you want a Public Service Commission that operates on facts, vote for Tom Woods


We are currently in a crisis. How we deal with it will determine the shape of the world to come. Unfortunately, the powers that be are driving us into a culture where there are no facts, but only opinions and ideologies. This is a place where all arguments are equal. For example, the debates of the “flat earther” and the astronomer are given equal weight when arguing whether the earth is flat or a sphere! Whichever one gives us the green light to continue our materialism is the one to whom we devote ourselves.

The earth is warming, the sea levels are rising (not will rise in the future), and we have a pandemic. Put the two together, which is our current course, and a gloomier picture of the future can’t be painted. Imagine millions of people migrating to higher ground, many of whom are sick. Will we welcome them?

Which brings me to the current Public Service Commission and NorthWestern Energy. The former has elevated the latter to a position of a quasi-governmental agency charged with determining our energy future. They are in this culture of all arguments being equal, which, by the above example, they are not. The dangers of the dance of these two entities cannot be overstated. (See the Billings Gazette editorial of May 13.)

The PSC is about to give the green light to NWE to buy Colstrip and tie us to a fossil fuel future and endless expense to our pocket books for the repairs it needs (in millions of dollars), cleanups, and endless expense to clean air and our very health. So, do you want to buy Colstrip or solar panels? Do you want to insulate your home and buy energy-efficient light bulbs or buy Colstrip?

They need to be stopped. At least, no decisions should be made until a new PSC is on the scene after the November elections. For a Public Service Commission that really operates on facts and the interest of the public, vote for Tom Woods. In other districts, hopefully we can be rational and vote for those who respect the facts and realize that, no, all arguments are not equal.

Ken Decker