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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Going to war with each other


Divide and conquer. It’s been a military axiom since mankind first entered organized warfare. It’s a strategy that works on the battlefield as well as among the citizenry. We have a number of divisive issues in our society today that are unfortunately being used against us. Our media — on both sides — takes these issues and stoke up such animosity that we are figuratively frothing at the mouth whenever we have to deal with somebody from the other side.

Just a few of the issues that come to mind are pro-life versus pro-choice, Second Amendment rights, rich versus poor and immigration. Depending upon how you feel about each of these four issues will categorize you in one of 16 boxes. That means there are 15 other groups of people that will give you some cause to froth at the mouth. We don’t hear from any of the media the things that we all support in common — we just hear them stirring up emotions that will divide us as a population.

We have a new division thanks to the coronavirus. We now have the people with jobs suitable for working remotely that come with health care packages that would be considered by most as a Cadillac plans. On the other side, we have the people who must be out in the world interacting with other people to make a living who may not have quite as lavish a health plan. The first group is perfectly happy with shelter in place, and they don’t particularly care about the people who are faced with the decision of starving to death and losing their homes or taking a risk to go out of work. The second group of people simply can’t believe that the employed elites would like to force group number two to suffer economic disaster by staying at home and strip them of what meager health benefits they do have if they do have the unmitigated gall to go out and work. That’s another great opportunity for us to froth at each other. If you are doing the math, there are now 25 boxes, so you have 24 fellow citizens you can have an extreme disagreement with.

History is full of conquerors that created strife between the targeted populations. When the targeted populations had fought themselves out, the conquerors came in and took the weakened targeted populations. I don’t know who is behind dividing the population so seriously, but we had better figure that out before we go to war with each other and leave the spoils to whoever has sponsored this divisiveness.

Greg Brainerd

Northeast of Livingston