In The Mail

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lowering flags for virus victims


What would it take for everyone across the country to lower the flags to half staff to honor the 35,000 Americans that have died from this virus? We did it for 9/11. We do it for fallen firefighters. Lowering the flags would also be a reminder to every citizen that there are hundreds of people in this town alone keeping us safe and it would also honor their service. 

Joanne Lowell



City should rethink some of its practices 


I never thought I would write a “letter to the editor,” but here I am. We just received a mailing from the City of Livingston about the Spring Cleanup, etc., and the street sweeping schedule. For the last two years, they have outsourced the mailing project to other cities. Right now every merchant in the City of Livingston is fighting to keep their businesses viable. They want to re-open their businesses to full capacity. Some may never be able to recover.

You would think that our city would like to do business in the town they represent? We have at least two print shops in town that could handle that mailing — Insty-Prints of Livingston and Printing for Less. Each of these two businesses give a lot back to our community, but in times of crisis, or just in regular times, our city outsources their mailings. Last year it was done in Billings and this year it was outsourced to a shop in Kalispell. If they find they can do it less expensive elsewhere, we should be given a chance to bid or match the bid they have received.

I know everyone is looking for a “good deal” but I feel like our city is wrong in this instance. It makes me wonder what else could be done in Livingston that they now outsource. I don’t care who gets the job, but they should try and keep it local, not just in bad times, but in good. Livingston has many good businesses run by highly qualified people and I think the city should rethink some of its practices.

Those out-town businesses don’t pay taxes in this city. I am disappointed that we aren’t paying more attention to the little things that might keep businesses open and people employed.

Julie Killorn

Owner of Insty-Prints of Livingston