In The Mail

Friday, April 10, 2020

Bright spot for Livingston area


In this time of much sadness and confusion, I would like to take a moment to focus on a bright spot on the horizon for Livingston and the surrounding area — the Yellowstone Film Ranch.

The film ranch, located near Chico Hot Springs, is the result of a fanciful dream of former Livingston resident Carter Boehm. Carter, who still maintains a ranch in Park County, was the driving force behind a project which has already brought an estimated $2 million to the Livingston area. Using his personal fortune, enthusiasm and business acumen, Carter has succeeded in creating a “wild west” film set, which is currently under consideration by a number of film studios as the location for various film and movie projects.

Carter’s local roots go deep, as his family were owners of the defunct Twilight Drive-in theater, a likely venue for seeding his adult passion for creating a notable, positive identity for Livingston, and a significant economic boon for the Park County area.  

The residents of Livingston and Paradise Valley owe Carter great thanks.


Bill Muhlenfeld