In The Mail

Monday, March 30, 2020

Local news media important during these times


Our local news media is as essential a public service, as are our local pharmacies and grocery stores in communities during this crisis. Our local news outlets, which cover our state government’s policies, are extremely important to the rural areas of Montana and deserve all the support we can give them. Many might be in need of funds to replace the lost revenue from advertising they would be getting if community businesses were operating normally.  

News outlets continue to provide essential coverage of the pandemic, enable communities to stay informed, healthy and connected especially through times of crisis. Not everyone is on-line. My older generation neighbors within the area often have newspaper slots attached to their rural mail boxes representing the need for delivery of their print newspapers.  

As Congress contemplates the massive stimulus bills striving to keep the ships of our economy and society afloat, we should encourage Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte to support emergency funding for our small business life boats.  All our state’s news outlets need to survive and thrive.  Will our congressional representatives be working forthrightly to augment support for Montana news outlets during this crisis and keep all our citizens reading in their own homes?

Hallie Rugheimer



Thanks, Enterprise for timely and inspiring stories


While the front pages of major newspapers across the U.S. use headlines and articles that strike fear in the hearts of their readers, our Enterprise chooses to publish timely, inspiring and aspiring stories about what our town folk are doing about the nation’s, and our community’s, problems.

On my desk is a recent issue dominated by a story about how our locals are using their sewing machines and 3-D printers to supply masks and gowns to health care workers.  The following day’s front page praised volunteers for providing meals to out-of-school kids. Stories that, while acknowledging the challenges of this pandemic, no doubt have inspired Park County’s citizens and engendered pride in our community.

A huge number of towns in the U.S. have lost their local papers due to economics. Yet, here in Livingston, we are privileged to have a local paper. One that not only cares about journalistic integrity by properly researching their stories — they also deliver a more accurate view of our world by presenting a realistic balance of reporting on good vs. bad news events — which is truly refreshing during these chaotic times.

Joe Phelps

Paradise Valley