Monday, May 21, 2018

We would be foolish to give up our freedoms for unobtainable safety


Another tragic shooting, another predictable outcry from the left for more “sensible gun control.”

More gun control will allow the socialist leaning politicians another level of control over the population and allow their citizen supporters to feel good about themselves for “doing something.” Unfortunately, the politicians will get more control, but it will do nothing to stop the violence. If anything, it will make the violence worse. We have seen it with alcohol, drugs, gambling and prostitution. Regulation or prohibition creates a black market that brings high profit margins, high risk, violence and even more carnage. Guns will be smuggled, stolen or handcrafted. They will still be there, but they will only be available to the rich and powerful or those in the black market. The average middle-class homeowner will be left out and unprotected. Gun control may sound good, but it simply can’t be done. For perspective, London has extremely strong gun control, but a higher murder rate than New York City.

Suppose for a moment that firearms could be completely eliminated from the face of the earth. It is not as though we don’t know what that would look like — humanity has been there. We would simply take to killing each other with knives or clubs or sharpened rocks or brute strength. If you think the violence is bad now, just wait to see what your life will be like in a world where big, strong men are the only ones who can truly defend themselves. It’s too bad if you are small, old, infirm or female.

Having ready access to firearms is a right that was wisely protected in our Constitution.

The founding fathers recognized that the world harbored evil and they wanted to guarantee that the people of this country could defend themselves against all assaults on the freedom of the people.

They considered assaults by foreign powers, by unruly citizens and by our own government. If you would like to understand the reasoning of the founding fathers, you will need to read the essays of the time. You can’t trust what you read in the history books — they are only someone’s opinion about what went on.

I would particularly invite you to read the writings of George Mason.

He was one of the strongest proponents of the people’s right to keep and bear arms. It is a little difficult to find his essays. Google has edited him out of the “safe information.” You will need to look at one of the real search engines to be successful.

At the time, Great Britain had a solid policy of weaponry only for the nobles and the soldiers sworn to defend them. This policy was strictly enforced throughout their great colonial holdings — except in the New World.

Colonists here had to face a large collection of pre-Columbian immigrants who did not want any company in their land. Unfortunately for the British, some of those colonists eventually turned their weapons on the British government. Without weapons, we would still be under the yoke of Britain.

The founding fathers were wise to protect our right to self-defense and we would be foolish to give up our freedoms today for some supposed and unobtainable safety.

Greg Brainerd