In The Mail

Thursday, March 19, 2020

A time for faith, helping neighbors


As Livingston churches go to no services or online services, know that many of our churches still have staff on site and man (or woman) by our phones and offer prayer and support for our community. If your church does not offer live streaming services, log on to one that does, or pray as a family at your home on Sunday.  

Church, faith, love, forgiveness and grace are certainly not found only in our church buildings. The buildings are there to make it easier for us to gather and worship together.  And that helps us organize to help our community. But now more than ever is the time to bring faith into your home.  Whether we hold Sunday services or not, our expenses continue, so please continue to give to your church of choice during this difficult time. We need those tithes and offerings to survive as community organizations. 

Pray together as a family. Pray especially for our elderly and infirm who are most at risk. Pray for our leaders in their efforts to guide us and help our country minimize the spread and damage from this virus. And do what you can to be health and safety conscious. Offer to get groceries for an elderly neighbor or family member. We are rural Montana Americans. Most of us didn’t grow up with much, but always shared what we had and helped neighbors where we could.  Now is the time for all of us to do everything we can to help each other again.

Larry Stephenson