Let’s elect people willing to take on gun carnage

Editor: We can fix this. We can stop this carnage as Americans gun each other down but the path is not with the Republicans. Republicans shun any form of gun control put forth. If we want to fix this we need to elect people in favor of reasonable gun control, people who refuse money from the NRA. Let’s fix this, we can make this country better. Let’s elect people willing to take this issue head on.

Lee Grindinger Livingston

It’s time to thank our hardworking and honest government employees

Editor: I find it interesting that there is so much discussion about many people in the white house who do not have security clearances. When I lived in Seattle, I learned that you could not get a job at Boeing and other industries until you had a security clearance. It is not surprising that an anti-government president would do everything he can to destroy our government. It is time to thank our hard working and honest government employees who do all they can do to keep us safe, keep our environment clean and our citizens healthy. Maybe we should have a government employees day (teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, etc.) to honor them. And don’t forget to vote for them at election time.

Nancy Adkins Livingston