Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tire pit assurances insufficient to alleviate concerns


I am writing in response to Mike Adkins’ June 5 letter entitled “If you agree with idea of recycling tires, submit a comment to DEQ.” In the letter, Adkins went point-by-point through many concerns raised by the public at the Department of Environmental Quality’s scoping meeting on May 28, ignoring the concerns of the community and just arguing for his proposed tire dump.

While I have no doubt that Adkins attempted to answer the public’s questions from his point of view, the letter makes many unsubstantiated claims and raises even more questions about the project.

For example, Adkins claims that there has never been an underground tire fire, but a quick news search quickly debunks his claims. Additionally, Adkins has touted the business as a tire dump and recycling facility, but there is no evidence that Adkins plans to recycle tires at his property. The scoping period for an environmental impact statement is the time for the public to ask questions. If you have any concerns, send them to DEQ.

As a part of the process; they have to answer them. Among the questions that are still lingering is whether Adkins plans to recycle tires at all. If so, why bury the tires? Does he plan to bury tires, then dig them out and recycle them? If they are buried and then dug out, will they have to be cleaned? Will the backfill be contaminated from the tires, thereby requiring special remediation? How on earth is that cost effective?

If Adkins plans to recycle the tires, why does he need capacity to bury 28 million before he begins?

It seems far more likely that they will be buried and remain that way, forever leaching toxins into the area groundwater.

At this point, Adkins has either intentionally or unintentionally misled the public on the project. Assurances from the person proposing the project are insufficient to alleviate concerns.

Frank Schroeder