Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Let’s hope the community supports FFA students during future events


On May 10 the Park FFA had its annual banquet. The event was spectacular with lots of blue jackets, black pants and skirts. The students were well-spoken, excitable and allaround very professional. The room was decorated to the nines in blue and gold and many student projects were on display.

Followed by a dance, the students went all out to show their support for the community.

These students work in the community performing hundreds of community service hours ranging from the food bank to odd projects around town such as the Christmas lights around the holidays.

They spend the majority of their school year fulfilling the FFA Motto: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

The FFA’s goal is to instill leadership through ag-centric coursework and career growth. One of Livingston’s and Park County’s biggest revenue builders is agriculture, whether it be farming, ranching, forestry or conservation management. Park County is tied to ag and these students are the next generation.

Unfortunately, I was displeased from the community turnout to such a grand event. These students prepared the events for weeks prior, sent out hundreds of invites and had a fraction of the attendance. What are we going to have to do to show the support for these students?

I wish the businesses that these students deal with would’ve been there. Although Dr. Lynne Scalia and Anne Penn Cox attended, I wish that more administration of the Livingston School District would’ve shown up. These students are state and national competing students. And they are here to make Livingston proud. So next time, I really hope that Livingston shows up to support these young students.

The FFA doesn’t get any breaks when it comes to funds, that is why an Alumni chapter has been created.

We help to get these students to competition with workshops and leadership camps. We will also set money aside to help Mr. Stender get the tools and gear he needs for his classes. Now don’t get me wrong, in the past a lot of you were probably contacted about fruit boxes or the greenhouse flowers. The students will put on their own fundraisers as well. The annual banquet is one of those fundraisers.

I hope that next year the Livingston community will pack the halls to encourage these future leaders. It is imperative that we show these students that we support their growth as young professionals.

Rob Walker
Park FFA Alumni Chapter Member