Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shopko closure is another loss to city of Livingston


The loss of Shopko is another loss to the city of Livingston. The comment that people can now shop downtown shows a complete lack of what Shopko offered this community.

First there was always available parking that was cleared of snow. This is not true in the downtown area. I could also buy everyday clothes for all sizes and ages. In addition I could buy a television, and other electronic appliances. I could find items for every holiday at a reasonable price. I could find small food items. It was a warm place to walk, shop and say hello to other Livingston residents.

It was open longer hours than the shops downtown and it was open on Sundays. The store clerks were always friendly and helpful. It was next to other important businesses in our community. Parking was provided for those who take shuttle buses to work.

The city commission needs to wake up and encourage all businesses that serve the local residents and shop at all of them.

If they want to know what the residents think, they should set up a booth at surrounding businesses on weekends, evenings, and really listen to the people who live here.

Nancy Adkins


Protect what the Custer Gallatin National Forest does best


The Custer Gallatin National Forest (CGNF)has just released its “draft” Forest Management Plan that will guide the forest decisions for the coming decades.

If one rationally looks at the CGNF and asks what this national forest does better than anything else, you come down to the three “Ws” — wildlife, water and wildlands.

The CGNF is not the nation’s woodbox, energy center, nor feedlot.

There are better places to grow trees for timber, mine for gold or graze livestock that does not jeopardize internationally significant resources like the three Ws.

What the CGNF does better than anyplace else in the entire United States is provides habitat for numerous species that are extinct or rare elsewhere like wolverine, grizzly bear, and bighorn sheep.

Its rivers provide outstanding cold water for genetically pure cutthroat trout.

And its wildlands offer an opportunity for those seeking solace with Nature.

More than anything else, the CGNF has some of the last and best wildlands in the entire country. Places like the Crazy Mountains, Lionhead, Pryor Mountains, and most importantly, the Gallatin Range itself, are among the best of the best.

There are no other opportunities to “create” such wild landscapes.

Wilderness designation is the “Gold Standard” for conservation, and we have a chance by supporting Alt. D to preserve those wildlands and the wildlife and watersheds depend on them.

Now is the time to write the Forest Service and ask them to protect what is truly exceptional about the CGNF forest.

Supporting Alt. D recommends wilderness for much of the roadless lands of the forest.

Alt. D would ensure that what is truly unique and irreplaceable on the CGNF are preserved into the future.

George Wuerthner