Friday, January 25, 2019

Pelosi told Trump he didn’t have to turn in his homework on time


I read Bill Stephens’ letter from a few days ago with some amusement.

Mr. Trump grounded Nancy Pelosi’s vacation. In return, she told him he didn’t have to turn his homework in on time. That doesn’t sound like he’s been gelded to me.

Greg Brainerd

Why is the southern border the only area for discussion?


I would like to express some random thoughts about the shut down. It is not surprising to me that the wealthy guy in Washington who boasts that he is such a good businessman is not attuned to how businesses succeed. Having once worked as a senior employee for a federal agency, I know how difficult this furlough is. It is not just the federal employees but all of the small business that exist because federal employees eat, shop, travel etc. at their business. If you have to work without pay, you are treated like a slave. Rich people and big corporations can tell us to be patient because a few weeks without pay does not affect them financially and emotionally. And the last time I looked at the map I saw two borders, so why should the southern border be the only area for discussion and a big net for us to cast billions of dollars at? It is time to speak up, write, call your congressmen and women. And maybe it is time to furlough them and that Russian dictator who cannot admit when he made a huge mistake.

The future depends on you. Don’t be afraid. Montanans are fearless and brave.

Nancy Adkins