Monday, January 7, 2019

Help neighbors, nation before we reach point of no return


The time for blame at the national level is over. The time for action is here and now!

Billions of dollars are needed to repair the infrastructure of our nation which does not include an unAmerican wall. After all the people in countries to the north and south of us are Americans too!

We have had the respect of many people in the world’s nations in the past, however, now they are laughing at us instead of laughing with us. Don’t we understand this and don’t we care about restoring their respect?

Our state of chaos is no joke and it can be attributed largely to the misaction and inaction of mainly one person. But we cannot afford to “wait and see” if our newly-elected officials can help turn chaos into calm.

We now need to step forward to help our neighbors and nation before we reach the point of no return. Who will step forward and show us the way?

It has been suggested that we should think globally and act locally. Let’s look around to see how we can help those in our country who are not as fortunate as we are. By helping our neighbors we will also be helping our nation.

Let’s start a dialogue, a starting point from which constructive actions will emerge to help our neighbors and the nation!

William C. Edwards


The real magic of the area is the people who live here


While the national political awfulness continues, I want to give a shout out to our community (meaning the whole county) with yet another example of what a special place this is, filled with people who care. On Sunday, I got a chance to take part in a volunteer cleanup day in Yellowstone.

A couple caring businesses (the K-Bar and the Conoco station in Gardiner) called together their fellow citizens to volunteer their time to pick up garbage, clean restrooms and generally make sure things are looking presentable in our nations’ first national park.

This was in response to the government shutdown which is affecting all our national parks.

It was inspiring to see about 30 eager volunteers — young and old — show up. Despite what we have seen on the news regarding heaps of trash and callous disregard for our natural treasures in other places, I’m happy to report that Yellowstone’s visitors have largely picked up after themselves and treated the place like the treasure it is. Hope it stays that way.

But for me the most important part of the day was again being reminded of what an incredibly special place we live in, and further, that folks recognize that we all play a part in keeping it that way.

When there are challenges, problems, we band together to find solutions and fix problems. So while we have some of the most incredible scenery in the world, abundant wildlife and blue ribbon trout streams, the real magic of where we live in Park County, Montana, is the people who live here. Much thanks to everyone who pitches in in big and small ways — most recently the folks at the K-Bar and the Gardiner Conoco — for reminding us of not only what makes this such a great place to live, but for reminding us of a better side of humanity.

Tim Stevens


How can any veteran support Donald Trump?


On the day after Christmas Donald Trump finally visited troops in a combat zone. He told them that he got them a 10 percent raise, their first raise in 10 years. Neither of these statements is true. Let me say it straight, the Commander in Chief of the United States armed forces lied to active duty troops in a combat zone and they knew it.

Days later at a cabinet meeting in a rambling stream of consciousness diatribe he stated that he would have made a good general. This from a man who was exempted from military service for bone spurs and has never served or sacrificed for his country in any way. I believe the modern way to say it would be LOL.

The generals that he so proudly appointed to serve in his administration have abandoned him. He loves (his own word) Kim Jong Un and at times appears to be doing Vladimir Putin’s work by eroding NATO and our relationship with our European allies. How can any veteran who served and sacrificed for our freedom, or any citizen who believes in honesty and integrity still support this lying, self serving, bloated ass of a human being?

I sure can’t.

Mark Adams