Writer sees danger in allowing bison to roam


Roaming bison will pose a risk to highway drivers. The Cottonwood Environmental Law Center recently filed a lawsuit against Gov. Steve Bullock and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke over Yellowstone buffalo.

Cottonwood has asked the court to allow bison to roam farther north of Yellowstone National Park and Yankee Jim Canyon. If you let them roam beyond Yankee Jim Canyon within a couple weeks they could be in Livingston and Bozeman, Clyde Park and Wilsall and even Big Timber. Yes, maybe all over the interstate highway and cars and trucks at say 85 or even faster and a bunch of buffalo on the road would be a pretty sight.

At night you don’t see them, I don’t think the governor or Zinke are looking for a carload of people killed on a highway on account of buffalo on the road.

If the buffalo were released beyond Yankee Jim Canyon, on a hot day they would look like gators swimming in Dailey Lake. The state highway department and the Park County Commissioners have set the speed limit from Yankee Jim Canyon to Gardiner at 55 mph until the buffalo go back in the park.

The speed limit should really be from mile post 36 at Emigrant to Gardiner at 55 mph all winter on account of all the elk bunch up say from the Point of Rocks to Yankee Jim Canyon.

There must be 700 to 1,000 head that came out of Yellowstone Park that got run out by the wolf and don’t go back.

We have asked the state highway in the past to set the speed limit at 55 during the winter.

Joseph Gross