Thursday, November 15, 2018

Don’t punish entities dealing with California fires


For the past 30 years of being directly involved in wildland fires, I find it incomprehensible that President Trump would make such a half-baked comment. I have witnessed that wildland fire size and duration have increased dramatically over the past decades. Twenty years ago, a 10,000-acre fire was considered rare and huge. Today, we are managing fires that are hundreds of thousands of acres with the loss of thousands of structures — the new norm! Not to mention the accelerated, deteriorating air quality during these large fires.

Instead of Trump making empty threats concerning the cutting of funds, he should try to understand why we are having more frequent and larger fires, more hurricanes, more flooding and record setting high temps through the country — all due to climate change!

Given the current victims of the recent California wildfires, fatalities and never-ending efforts by thousands of firefighters, don’t punish the government entities that are attempting to deal with this dilemma, but get us back into the Paris Agreement, fire Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke and grab hold of reality!

Jim Evanoff

Goodwill samaritans still exist


Santa Clause came to town early. I was shopping at Shopko for Christmas toys for the American Legion toy drive and I let this gentleman go ahead of me at the checkout. He asked me about buying early Christmas gifts and I told him about the American Legion toy collection. He wanted to know how often I did this. The answer is every year. He looked at the checker and said, “I want to pay for these gifts.”

He said he doesn’t get much of a chance to do things like this. I am sorry I did not get his name but I want to say how much the American Legion appreciates him and thank you. I will remember you every time I hang my Christmas wreath. I also appreciate you and God bless all our helpers this year and always.

Sandy Seely