Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Esp will communicate with the citizens of Park County


I fully support John Esp for State Senate. John has always worked hard to communicate with the citizens of Park County while serving in the Legislature.

When I was the MSU Extension agent for Park County, John encouraged me to organize weekly meetings during the session so that he could determine opinions on the legislative agenda. He typically attended these meetings in person or via conference call.

John will continue communicating to the citizens of Park County while serving in the State Senate.

Marty Malone


It’s time for Montana voters to show Jon Tester the door


Before voting next week on candidates Matt Rosendale or Jon Tester for the U.S. Senate seat, you need to know only one thing. Tester didn’t show up for the job we elected him to do. He missed 60 percent of Senate committee hearings and was a no-show 76 percent of the time for his Senate Homeland Security meetings. What on earth was he doing??

If that wasn’t enough, he voted NO on tax cuts which would lower taxes for the average Montanan $900. It may not seem like a lot to those in Washington, D.C., but out here it counts.

Speaking of The Swamp, Tester ranks Numero Uno — Number One — out of the whole Congress in money taken from lobbyists in campaign contributions during this election cycle! That’s quite a feat! He’s also gladly accepted thousands of dollars in international travel. Now, I suppose he was doing lots of work for Montana in other countries, but how do you count a trip to Cancun with his wife as “work related?”

Lastly, as we have all come to realize, the big lie perpetrated on the American public was the whopper of Obamacare, specifically, “If you have a plan, you get to keep it.” Not so much. Just ask the 26,000 Montanans who have had their health insurance cancelled as a result of the “affordable health care” act. Tester voted nine times for Obamacare and voted against repealing it. Great.

Okay, lastly, and I mean that. Our elected senator voted 11 times to raise the national debt limit. You may say, who cares? But, a trillion dollars here and a trillion there starts to add up, and we taxpayers are footing the bill! Certainly, it’s not our senator’s money!

Tester won his seat in 2006 from Conrad Burns who was wrapped up in a corruption scandal involving “super lobbyist” Jack Abramoff. We showed Burns the door at the election booth then, and now, I’m afraid, it’s time for Tester to take a hike. Vote for Matt Rosendale. This other thing is just not working for us.

Meredith Sullivan


Brad Bichler has proven leadership skills needed for sheriff


Here is what I see in Park County Sheriff’s Candidate Brad Bichler. Brad is true to his family, the residents of Park County, and the visitors of Park County. Brad was taught honesty and integrity as a child and holds these traits very high in his lifestyle and expects others to have these traits. Brad brings to the table a great deal of experience. Not only does he have experience and training in the law enforcement field he also brings in a great deal of life experience.

The job of sheriff is not just a job, it is a passion for the field and Brad has this passion. Our current Sheriff and Brad put together a program that is still going in our school systems here in Park County. Every spring Brad puts on a self defense course for our young women getting ready to go out on their own after graduating. Brad instills in them that they are great people and they can defend themselves. Not only do these young women come out of the class with experience in self-defense, they become confident in themselves. Brad also works with the schools on the active shooter side of things along with the employees of Park County at the City/County Building.

Brad believes in everyone’s safety. This past summer Brad proved to me that he is capable of being our next sheriff. Brad took on the roll of IC (Incident Commander) for a multitude of large-scale incidents and he did very well. I was proud to watch him work.

Brad works well as a sergeant for the sheriff’s office. He works well with the deputies and leads by example. Brad is willing to take on endeavors and works hard, seeing through. I have watched Brad grow in this department and he will continue to grow.

Brad is a person that will work with everyone, and asks opinions of others before making a decision. Brad makes sound decisions and is great to work with. Brad will be a good leader for the whole team at the Park County Sheriff’s Office and I will enjoy serving this great county under his command.

Tom Totland


Vote for Jon Tester and Steve Caldwell on Election Day


If you like Donald Jr calling our senior senator “a piece of garbage,” or are a big fan of the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory, then this letter is not for you.

If, on the other hand you enjoy access to your public lands, support our veterans, oppose a tax cut for millionaires, and want to keep what’s left of your health care, then read on.

Jon Tester has worked tirelessly to support these rights as a senator from Montana for the past 12 years. He has done so despite relentless Republican opposition. He is for the real people of Montana who have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

He is for the farmers and the ranchers, miners and workers who have built this great state. He is his own man, not a dark money creation of the Koch brothers. And, he is fighting Mitch McConnell’s plans to gut social security and Medicare.

Jon represents the best Montana has to offer. I urge you to vote for Jon Tester, the senator from Montana.

And I also urge you to vote for another great public servant who works a little closer to home; Steve Caldwell. His stewardship of the County Commission for the past eight years has been outstanding. His mission is to insure the county provides the high level of services we have all come to expect in Park County, and at the same time look to the future to protect what we have. Let’s recognize his hard work and dedication. Vote for Steve Caldwell for Park County commissioner.

Anthony Eaton


Where are our spiritual teachers and guides?


“You are home,” says the president of the country to the exhausted people who arrive on blistered feet. Along the way, residents are coming out to the highway with food and water and clothing to share.

“Your children are safe and welcome here,” they say. “You can stay, and we will help you make a home among us.”

This is how the people of Mexico are greeting the caravan. What might we learn from them? Where are our spiritual teachers and guides?

Margarita McLarty


Livingston’s 5th Street bump-outs are ridiculous


I agree with the ridiculousness of the 5th Street bumpouts. Yes, people coming from downtown on Callender to 5th and going to the light signal.

Made a hazard on the road now, sure glad there are no bump-outs downtown, no streets wide enough. Marty Malone is right, Park County doesn’t need a billboard cop. These people should put their effort and talent on a better project like the road about 2 miles north of Emigrant at Mile Post 32 where the Yellowstone River is coming up along the highway road.

Come spring water may cover it. Contact Jeff Ebert with any questions at the state highway transportation office at P.O. Box 3068, Butte, Montana 59702.

Riprap the road, maybe change the water flow at the river or come spring they may need a billboard and signs at the Pray turn off and Emigrant.

The Gardiner Chamber of Commerce spends a lot of time in Helena and wrote letters to our senators promoting this road in the mid 1950s.

Joseph Gross


Join me in sending Dan Vermillion to the Montana Senate


The people of Park and Sweet Grass Counties have an opportunity to elect an exceptional person, Dan Vermillion, as our next State Senator for District 30. Dan and I have children the same ages and in the same grades in the Livingston School District. I see Dan’s children nearly every day through my being at the schools. The work and toil both Dan and his wife, Lynn, have invested is recognizable in their children. All three of Dan’s children are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable and have an awareness and appreciation of others around them, young and old alike.

While no one expects Dan to invest more as a Senator than he does to his family, his commitment and dedication to his family is indicative of all that Dan does. Whether it’s his success as a businessman, or his evenhanded approach as Chairman of the Commission for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, or his involvement in many issues and projects that affect our community, many of which I’ve had the pleasure of working on with Dan, the amount of respect and confidence I have for and in him can’t be overstated. Simply put, he gives his all to whatever he puts his mind to.

Please join me in voting for Dan Vermillion, electing him as our next State Senator for District 30.

Dale Sexton


Vote Brad Bichler for Park County Sheriff


I know Brad Bichler both professionally and personally. He is a person who displays the highest level of integrity, dedication, professionalism, and demonstrates what I perceive to be what this county needs to move the Park County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) to the next level. I have witnessed firsthand Brad’s leadership with the PCSO in emergent situations and in training scenarios. In my 23 years of work in emergency services, both the civilian and military sectors, I want to share that Brad’s leadership is what we need in a sheriff. While he is calm and collected, he posses a commanding presence. I have worked with Brad on 9-1-1 calls and have participated in community trainings, which Brad organized and led.

Personally, I know Brad is not only dedicated to his community, but also to his family. Brad has a strong sense of ethics, and is constant in who he is.

If there are any doubts regarding what I have stated, one should simply look back on this year, and review the tragic and hostile events that took place in our county. Brad was at the frontline of these events, supporting his fellow deputies and the people of this county for countless hours and days. With the support of his family, he spent the greater portion of each day during said events to ensure the safety of our community.

His dedication during these times, along with his ability to lead has left me with no doubt that he is the right person for this demanding, yet rewarding position.

Nathan Wulf


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