Friday, October 26, 2018

Brad Bichler is the only candidate qualified for sheriff


I write this letter as my endorsement and support of Brad Bichler for Park County Sheriff.

Letters of endorsement are most meaningful when written by an individual who knows not only the requirements of the position being sought but also an in-depth knowledge of the candidate’s professional experience and training for the office as well as the required professional and personnel qualities. I have over 50 years of professional interaction with personnel across the spectrum of law enforcement to include the following: campus security/police, county and city officers, state bomb squad officers, Border Security Officers, state and federal investigators/marshalls, FBI, DEA, FAA, sheriffs, state and federal game wardens, as well as fire and search and rescue. I have education and experience in the field of psychology and abnormal psychology. I was a deputy state veterinarian in Oregon for over a decade.

From my overall education, training, experience and background, I can attest that Sergeant Brad Bichler is by far the only candidate qualified to serve as your next Park County sheriff. I regard him as one of the best law enforcement officers I have encountered. His promotions throughout his career prove that his superiors held him in high regard.

Sergeant Bichler has conducted his campaign in the most positive manner and his qualifications, training, and certifications can be totally verified by current and previous employers.

Gary L. Zimmerman
Retired Professor of Veterinary Medicine
Retired Oregon Deputy State Veterinarian

Dan Vermillion is the right person to represent the area


Dan Vermillion is the right person to represent Park and Sweet Grass counties in the Montana Senate. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dan for over a decade and have seen firsthand his hard work to make our communities, and whole state, better for all. Whether it’s volunteering for local youth programs such as soccer, generously donating to local nonprofit organizations through his business, or stepping into a major statewide leadership role with the Fish and Wildlife Commission, Dan has a unique combination of personality, work ethic and a heart for the people and place he lives that will make him a terrific legislator and representative, advocating for Park and Sweet Grass County citizens.

It also doesn’t hurt that Dan started and runs a successful business in Park County — his business sense will also be a huge asset as he helps make hard decisions on how to spend our scarce tax dollars. I urge you to vote for Dan Vermillion on November 6.

Tim Stevens

I-186 will hold mining companies accountable


Never again.

Too many times, Montanans have seen our state’s rivers and streams needlessly, and permanently, polluted with toxic waste from hard-rock mines. But the days of irresponsible mining companies running our state are over. The people are in charge now and we have the power to say “no” to more acid mine drainage, arsenic, mercury and lead in our clean water.

How do we say “no?” By saying “yes” to I-186, the yes for Responsible Mining Initiative.

Fly Fishers International (FFI) supports this people-driven approach to protect our rivers and streams because it’s needed and because it makes sense. Montana’s rivers and the clean water for drinking, irrigation and recreation they

QUOTABLE QUOTES provide are too vital to our state’s physical and economic well-being not to protect.

Currently, Montana has no way to prevent approval of new hard-rock mines that will require forever treatment. I-186 will change that by holding mining companies accountable to the messes ha they make ’t committed . a crime. What I

I-186 requires mining companies to provide clear and convincing did evidence was that fail new to hard-rock ply mines with won the ’t require la . the perpetual treatment of water from perpetual pollution from things like acid mine drainage – , i lead nki or mercury. e And, yo if they do, mining companies — not Montana of citizens New York — will City fund the cleanup.

This isn’t how things have worked in the past, where outof-state mining companies create a toxic mess, go bankrupt and leave our state. That’s a bad, outdated system that’s already cost Montanans far too much.

Tens of millions of public funds are used to treat Montana rivers and streams that have been polluted with toxic waste from hard-rock mines.

Examples include the Zortman-Landusky Mine in Phillips County, Beal Mountain mine in Silver Bow County and the Mike Horse Mine in Lewis and Clark County. Water treatment at these locations will go on forever due to the irresponsible mining companies that left their messes behind. Altogether, nearly 2,500 miles of streams in Montana are contaminated with hard-rock mining waste.

I-186, which will apply only to new, not existing, mines can’t rectify the mistakes of the past. But it will ensure that any new hard-rock mines in our state will not cause permanent pollution of our rivers and streams.

Fly Fishers International (FFI), founded in 1964, is the organized voice for fly fishers around the world. We represent all aspect of fly-fishing, from the art of fly tying and casting, to protection of the natural systems that support healthy fisheries and their habitats so essential to our sport. Our mission is to ensure the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters by focusing on conservation, education and a sense of community.

Our headquarters is right here in Montana. We know how important clean water is to both inhabitants and visitors to our state.

We’ve witnessed the exponential growth in the popularity of our sport and, concurrently, the huge growth in Montana’s outdoor recreation economy, which contributes more than $7.1 billion in consumer spending in our state.

Without a guarantee of clean water in the future, Montanans’ public health, agricultural industry and recreation economy are all at risk. I-186 will protect our water and our future.

We hope Montanans will join us in November in voting “yes” for this important measure.

Len Zickler
Fly Fishers International

Jon Tester’s been there for Montana


I’m not drinking Donald Trump’s koolaid, or anybody else’s. Jon Tester’s been there for Montana. I’ll be there for Jon Tester.

Andrew Mitchell

Join us in supporting John Adams for commissioner


We would like to take this opportunity to support John Adams for county commissioner.

John is a fifth generation member of this community and we feel he knows the frustration of the taxpayers. We know he will work hard to make each department within the county fiscally responsible. He would like to go back to an opendoor policy with an office in the courthouse and more availability to the public.

John is committed to more transparency within county government, and always willing to talk about all issues concerning the community.

Please join us in writing in John Adams on the ballot and remember to fill in the oval.

Dan and Sue Nelson
East of Livingston

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thursday, Nov. 1 will be the last day before the Nov. 6 general election that The Enterprise will publish letters about candidates and the election. Such letters must be submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31.