When will our city and county commissioners start listening?
Thursday, August 23, 2018


After attending the Livingston City Commission meeting two weeks ago, I decided not to attend the meeting this week. The reason for my lack of attendance and many residents not attending the meeting is simple. The commission and the city manager do not listen to the majority of the residents. They have decided what the city is going to do. We can vote with our feet by our voice, not attending the meetings, and by voting no on any levy that is put up for a vote.

The Park County Commission, which is composed of two members of the former city commission, has the same problem. This has gone on for years.

I am a native and I also talk to people who have moved here. We do not want a large community, suburbs and neighbors who do not know or talk to each other. Livingston has remained small because we want Livingston to be small. When will the city and county decide to really listen, and hear what the locals and new residents are saying? We know what we want and why we live here.

We know the history because we have lived it here and in other places. Until the commissions listen, nothing will change.

Nancy Adkins